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How to remove the background in 1 click

Over the years many have asked me to remove backgrounds of people or objects. Making the image transparant and providing it with a background color / image of choice is actually way easier than you may think. A fair warning, this technique only works with simple images. Images with a detailed background require some manual masking.

Step 1: Choose your photo

And drag the image to Adobe Photoshop.

step 1 choose photo

Step 2: Press W to select the Quick Selection Tool

And click on "Select Subject" to select the model.

step 2 press w step 2 press w

Step 3: Press Enter to finish

And that's it! The background is no longer visible and you could save this file as a PNG or TIFF to place it without background.

step 3 press enter

Extra: Place another background

You could also place another background color, gradient or image instead behind the masked layer.

step 4 place other bg

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