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How to make your design look better

Wondered why some designs look slick and professional?

While others look like the author accidentally hit 'Publish' on their first draft? The difference between good and bad design is actually very easy. It might seem daunting when just starting out, but let me give you 5 tips to boost your design skills and bring them up a notch!

Don't use wild text-shadows

Use a subtle text-shadow

Don't use a stroke in text

Keep it clean and legible

Do not align your text like this. It makes it harder to read and creates a messy layout

This text is way easier to read. It's aligned left. This suits most designs in general since we read from left to right

Hi, you can't see me

Hi, you can see me!

Don't use text that's too small to read!

Use a font-size hierarchy between titles and paragraphs

Need some help with design? Please contact me, I'd be happy to help!